An Overview to the Brief Stage

What happens during the Brief stage of the Way of Working


All projects start at the same point, whether it be a newly formed start-up, government organisation or legacy project. Products at their core intend to solve a problem for a group of users. The purpose of the Brief is to ensure that everyone shares an understanding of the problem or solution space and are confident both a feasible product is possible, and a partnership can be formed. The brief phase begins with a consultation that involves the customer, Account Manager and any relevant Product Success members. The Account Manager is the main point of contact for the customer during this process. 

During the brief consultation, the core activity is to explore the underlying problem the customer is looking to solve. A key part of this is understanding the customer’s goals for their business, who the relevant users are and the success criteria of the project. The activity aims to unpack a range of problems the customer may be facing and focus in on the most valuable one. The outcome will be a defined problem statement that the Product Success team can continue to explore and validate during Scope.