Application Marketplace Compliance

Native apps are listed on marketplaces for download and purchase. Below is our process in ensuring compliances for these markets.

The 2 marketplaces your application could be available for download or purchase are:

  1. Apple App Store: see Apple Documentation here

  2. Google Play Marketplace: see Google Documentation here

Each time a product is in development, extensive research is conducted with reference to the above compliance documents to ensure the applications built are able to be hosted on these marketplaces. During development, documentation will be created by the development team that aligns the product developed with the above documentation. This documentation from Apple and Google Play is available to any members of the public for reference at any time. WorkingMouse customers have access to their product’s documentation through their project spaces that aligns with the application marketplace compliance information.

We acknowledge that compliance documentation can change with system updates and new regulations subsequently making apps no longer compliant. This does not mean that the app will never be compliant again, it just means that there needs to be adjusting to the details listed in the new documentation. If this non-compliance notification appears, and you are in active development, then raise this with your squad lead. If this occurs when you are in support, then raise this with the service desk.