Resource Mitigation

During long development periods we have processes in place to combat leave requirements so production is not slowed for your project.

WorkingMouse will, at all times, do everything we can to keep the agreed number of suitable developers assigned to your project for obvious commercial purposes. We understand your position and the timeline you are hoping to achieve for production. In regard to specifics here, we have defined the following use cases and outlined how we’d handled each of those below:

Short-term illness (1-3 days)

  • Handled under the 3 days of sick leave per developer allowed within the project timeline at this stage.

Annual leave

  • Within the timeline, we have allowed for 3 days of adhoc annual/personal leave.

  • This totals 6 days of leave allowed for per developer within the timeline.

Illness over allowance (4 days - 2 weeks)

  • If there is an adequate resource available that can be onboarded with minimal effort to the remaining developer(s), we’ll propose and engage 

  • This lining up is unlikely, but we are more than willing to explore this in the event it does occur.

Longer term illness (Greater than 2 weeks)

  • WorkingMouse will endeavour to find a suitable resource as quickly as possible (not necessarily an existing developer).

  • If onboarding required, WorkingMouse will accept onboarding time as un-billed if it’s 25% or less of the agreed time that developer will join the project (Example: 1 week onboarding, 3 weeks developing).

Employee leaving (4 weeks notice)

  • WorkingMouse will attempt to identify an available developer of a similar skill level.

  • If onboarding required, WorkingMouse will accept minimum 1 week onboarding time (Typically 1-2 weeks depending on the developer in question).