What is the Enhance process?

What is the process for actioning Enhancements and how does it apply to your project?

It’s important to acknowledge that no software is ever ‘finished.’ All good applications continue to improve, with new releases edging it further to product/market fit. Understanding that this is the reality of software development, we’ve matched our delivery framework to the needs of the market.

While major milestones will continue to go through the traditional scope - develop - support framework, there is a second avenue for smaller features to be actioned.

We call this Enhance.

Our Enhance phase is a framework dedicated to scoping, developing and releasing small to medium scale features. As the name suggests, it’s an opportunity for clients to enhance their software application.

When do projects go to enhance

We don’t know what we don’t know. There are so many learnings to be made once you put an application in the hands of your users. As a result of these learnings (many of which are made during product success consults), things will change.

We encourage clients to make use of their service desk and document potential enhancements there. There may be a number of other ways an enhancement is identified including; product success consultation, strategic planning with your customer success consultant or user feedback.

An important delineation to make is between Enhance, the traditional build process and support.

Enhance v Traditional development process

This was touched on earlier. The distinction to make is that any new milestones or problem statements that require at least 2 weeks of scoping will continue through the traditional development process of scope – develop – support. Any small to medium features that require some scoping but are otherwise well identified will follow the Enhance process.

Enhance v Support

There is a degree of interpretation to decide whether a work item will go through Enhance or Support. Typically, the deciding mechanism is whether a particular item is a defect with the application or a direct improvement or new feature for the application. Where either elaboration or design is required, it will be handled by traditional Delivery or Enhance, usually depending on the scale.

What is the Enhance process?

The Enhance process is very similar to the traditional development process in the Way of Working.

It begins with a triage process that is an early stage analysis of what is required to complete the enhancement. It’s at this point that some clarification may be required from the client. The client will then be presented an estimation for the feature(s) to be elaborated and designed - this is effectively a mini scope that prepares the features for development.

Once elaborated and designed, an estimate for development is presented to the client and awaits their approval. It progresses through the same build and release process outlined in the Way of Working. Once the client performs user acceptance tests, it is released to production and the Enhancement is complete.

What are the benefits of Enhance?

  1. Faster time to release - Benefit from a streamlined process suited to the needs of small to medium features.
  2. Design support - With a product designer available, projects benefit from a user experience expert as well as an implementation expert.
  3. Squad lead support – An agile expert in the form of a squad lead will oversee the enhancement to ensure our normal quality standards are upheld.
  4. Rapidly respond to feedback – This process has been established to allow products to manoeuvre their product to market and user trends quickly.